Kawakawa Balm

Our Kawakawa Balms use only natural ingredients. We do not use any petroleum-based products like many popular products do.

We have developed 2 Balms. Our Original Balm is a great allrounder and a must have in your skin care regime.

Our Turmeric & Lemon Zest Oil infused variant adds another dimension to the Original Balm. The healing benefits of Turmeric & Lemon Zest Oil make this Balm an all-in-one Balm for both nourishing & helping heal the skin.

Beneficial Properties of Kawakawa:

Leaves of the Kawakawa Tree contain Myristicin and Diayangambin, both bioactive substances that account for the medicinal properties of Kawakawa:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial
  • Protective of the Liver

Beneficial Properties of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil:

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in avocado oil help your skin stay smooth, strong, and elastic. Avocado Oil is used to treat:

  • calm itchy skin
  • heal chapped skin
  • replenish dry skin
  • hydrate and moisturize skin
  • shield skin from ultraviolet radiation (SPF 15)
  • protect against skin damage

Beneficial Properties of Extra Virgin Coconut OiI:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial
  • Moisturising skin
  • Healing minor injuries

Beneficial Properties of Turmeric:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-oxidative
  • Soothes dry skin
  • shields skin from ultraviolet radiation

Beneficial Properties of Lemon Zest Oil:

  • Nourishes & hydrates skin
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-oxidative
  • Anti-aging