Cocavo has been stocking GELITA Collagen products for a while now.  Both Marine & Bovine Collagen powders are proving popular by consumers looking to add a Premium quality Collagen into their daily diet.

It would be hard to find a topic that has attracted more global attention than immune health during the last year. People are increasingly doing as much for their overall wellbeing as they possibly can in the light of the ongoing pandemic, especially with supplements. This is clearly reflected in the significant sales uptick for vitamins and minerals. However, within that category, there is another popular nutrient that may come as a bit of a surprise to some: protein and, in particular, collagen. 

Now, you may already know about the connection between collagen and the “white” connective tissue, such as bones, tendons, ligaments and muscle fascia. But, you might be wondering how collagen can benefit the immune system. Well, there’s actually a growing body of evidence that suggests a role for collagen-rich tissues in supporting a well-functioning immune system.

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