If you are on a low carb/high fat or keto weight loss journey, or just looking at ways of adding health to your meals, then start by adding healthy oils & fats from Cocavo. We often hear from consumers on low carb & Keto diets that the cost of quality cooking oils is a big challenge in their weight loss journey.

Cocavo believes quality cooking oils should be affordable to everyone, no matter what your income or budget is and no matter what dietary lifestyle you have chosen to follow. Making healthy choices affordable choices is our goal and we are making it happen.

You often hear that LCHF & Keto diets are boring and lack variety. Flavourful, full-fat ingredients topped with creamy, satisfying sauces or drizzled with healthy oils such as extra virgin avocado oil or hemp seed oil can certainly add variety & make Low-carb and Keto eating a satisfying pleasure.

Fats & Oils are amazing ingredients that enhance flavours making everything taste better. This is why food manufacturers had to find a replacement ingredient, SUGAR, to make food palatable after they stripped the flavour enhancing fats from it in an attempt to make the food product “healthy & low-fat”. Oh dear…………

Remember, with low-carb diets you want to reduce your carbs and make sure you are getting enough protein. After that, you may need to add more fat than you are used to eating to make a meal satisfying.

Do not fear fat, but remember, fat has lots of calories and not much nutrition. When adding fats or oils, add enough to make you enjoy the meal & feel satisfied, but if you want to burn body fat, try not to add more than you need.

Sometimes it can be a challenge for people who are not used to eating natural fats to find easy ways of adding them into their diet.

Have a read of the following tips on how to add more fat into your diet & start reaping the nutritional rewards.

  • Garnish your meals with high fat foods like cheeses, avocado, crispy bacon or coconut threads and nuts such as macadamia, pine & walnuts. A sprinkling will quickly add the healthy fats you are wanting.
  • Eat whole, full-fat ingredients. Say goodbye to low-fat & fat-free products. Rethink your grocery list and stock your fridge and pantry with real whole food, including fat-rich options like avocados, coconut products, tinned oily fish and eggs. Try to add natural fat rather than avoid it.
  • Cook with Oils & Fat. Forget steamed vegetables or dry chicken breasts. Cook your vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs in tasty natural plant-based fats like Cocavo, Coconut Oil or Avocado Oil or animal fats such as Ghee.
  • Use different fats & oils for their range of different flavours. Fats & oils can change the flavour of a dish, adding variety to your meals. For example, top green beans with Extra Virgin Avocado Oil for a comforting, familiar buttery taste, or sauté them in one of the Cocavo oils and drizzle with Cocavo Sesame oil for a delicious, Asian-inspired variation.
  • Prepare Low-Carb recipes to deliver delicious meals with plenty of fat built right into the ingredient list.
  • Drizzle oil on top of your food, do not be shy, but don’t go overboard either. Make your own vinaigrettes using oils like extra virgin avocado or hemp seed oil. Just remember, use oils to increase flavor but don’t overdo it! There comes a point where the extra calories may not be worth it.
  • Ensure snacks contain healthy fats. Generally, it is best to avoid snacks, but if you are too hungry to make it comfortably to the next meal, reach for a whole food snack with plenty of protein combined with fat. Foods like hard-boiled eggs, and to a lesser degree cheese and nuts make for good snacks.
  • Introduce a “low carb” cheese course to your meal plan. Cheese is a simple addition to any meal. It works as an appetizer; it works as a topping & it also works as a dessert. If you need a lot of calories, cheese can help you feel satisfied.
  • Add oils like Cocavo Light or coconut oil into your coffee or tea. This warm and comforting shot of fat can replace breakfast, stave off hunger between meals, or substitute for dessert if you aren’t quite full.
  • Consider adding a fat-bomb as a desert treat only, not as a regular part of your daily diet. It’s probably best to give desert a miss anyway if you are serious about managing your weight.


Eating more fat is easy, tasty, and satisfying. From the tips above find those that suit your taste and lifestyle and start adding a whole new world of flavour & health into your diet to help you meet your dietary goals. Just remember to add enough oil or fat for flavour, but not so much that the extra calories are counter-productive to your health & weight loss goals.

Remember on a Keto Diet, fat is your friend – DON’T FEAR FAT, EMBRACE IT WISELY.

Cocavo has an awesome range of super-oils available on their website shop and from selected supermarkets and retail stores around New Zealand.

Reference Acknowledgement: Dietdoctor.com