Coconut Milk Powder – 300g Organic


Kokonati organic coconut milk powder is made from freshly grated coconut meat from mature kernels




It is easy to reduce waste when you use Kokonati Organic Coconut Milk Powder to make your own vegan coconut milk or coconut cream. Make only what you need instead of using a little from a 400ml can. Kokonati organic coconut milk powder is made from freshly grated coconut meat from mature kernels. The finely grated meat is steeped in purified hot water and strained through layers of cheesecloth in a purely mechanical process to extract the milk content. This organic coconut milk is spray dried with organic rice flour dextrose to make the normally liquid milk into a stirrable easily soluble powder format. Alter the amount of water you add to make organic coconut milk powder or coconut cream to the consistency required.


Coconut milk can be used as a dairy-free alternative and easy to store, use in small quantities as needed, and reduces wastage when a whole 400ml coconut milk can is too much for single use. Simply dissolve in warm or hot water to the required consistency for cooking, great for baking cookies, cakes, energy balls, and slices. The mixing ratio is 1 to 6, 1tbsp (15ml) coconut milk powder for every 6 tbsp (72ml) of warm water.

The ratio can be adjusted to suit the thickness required by adding more water for lite coconut milk or less water for thicker coconut milk or use a ratio of 1 : 3  ( water: powder) for luscious coconut cream.  Easily add coconut milk powder to cold smoothies. Adds a lush tropical flavor to sauces, curries, and soups. Dissolve a spoonful in place of other dairy creamers in beverages like coffee, bulletproof coffee, hot chocolate, and even porridge. It pairs well with most breakfast cereals, hot-cold beverages, and can even be frozen and whipped into a light creamy soft-serve ice cream!


Aroma and taste is freshly coconut and white to off-white in color depending on the harvest and season. Every batch of milk can vary in color and to a minor degree in taste as it is a natural cottage-industry product that does not use any chemical refining, additives, or preservatives to standardize the product like with large-scale commercially standardized milk powder.


76% coconut kernel, 24% organic rice flour dextrose.


Keep in the pantry while unopened. With a best before of two years from the manufacture date, organic coconut milk powder remains safe to use for even longer periods if it is stored airtight with minimal exposure to light and air. Refrigerate on opening in a non-metal airtight container. Use within 2-3 months of opening. Kokonati coconut milk powder is packed at the origin, in the very plantations, the coconut is harvested from, to seal the freshness and reduce exposure from day one.


Why coconut milk?

Coconut milk is naturally rich in saturated fats, mainly short and medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs). MCTs are usually not stored by the body as fats. Instead, it is metabolized by the body to provide instant energy.  Almost a quarter of a portion of coconut milk contains MCTs, mainly Lauric acid. Lauric acid is believed to boost the immune system and has been shown to promote brain development and bone health. This is why one of the richest natural sources of Lauric acid is mother’s milk. Next to mother’s milk, coconuts are the richest source of Lauric acid. “Lauric acid has microbial properties, so it can help protect against bacterial infection” notes Paul May, a professor at Bristol University in England. Lauric acid may also help in maintaining the elasticity of the blood vessels and in keeping them clean, which in turn could also lower the risk for conditions like, atherosclerosis and heart disease. Coconut trees grow in rich volcanic soil, contributing to the high mineral content of coconut. About 22% of the recommended daily allowance of iron ( for women, it is lower for men) can be absorbed from a recommended serving of Coconut milk. With such a high level of iron, consuming coconut milk regularly could naturally decrease iron deficiency disorders. Apart from the beneficial MCT’s & mineral content, coconut milk also contains several antioxidant compounds, which can provide protection against harmful free radicals and their damaging effects on the body cells and tissues. Coconut milk can promote a healthy gut by relieving gastric symptoms, stomach ulcers, and even acid reflux. And if all those benefits aren’t enough. Coconut milk can even help to relax nerves and muscles, control blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and reduce joint inflammation.


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