Our Raw Linseed Oil is a 100% natural oil, cold pressed from linseed grown on the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand.
Raw Linseed Oil has been used for generations to preserve and prevent deterioration of wood, and produce a stunning, natural finish.

Raw Linseed Oil has been used for generations to preserve and prevent deterioration of wood, and produce a stunning natural finish.

Our Raw Linseed Oil helps to retain natural moisture and prevent cracking, as well as providing a protective waterproof barrier to the wood. It is ideal for use on cricket bats, outdoor furniture, chopping boards and more! 

Our Cold-Pressed Raw Linseed Oil is a product that can be traced back to the paddock it was grown from, that didn’t make it into our Premium Food Grade Flax Seed Oils. 

    Raw Linseed Oil is not fit for human consumption. Raw Linseed Oil also doesn’t taste very nice.

    If you would like to consume Linseed or Flax Seed Oil as it is also known, we recommend our Premium Food Grade Extra Virgin Flax Seed Oil.





    What is Cold Pressed Raw Linseed Oil?

    Cold pressed Raw Linseed Oil is obtained by ‘squeezing’ the oil out of the seed, without the use of heat, chemicals or solvents. Cold Pressing Oils mean there is no use of heat and chemicals in the production process. Our established Ashburton plant has been dedicated to producing cold pressed Linseed/Flax Seed Oil since 1987.

    Some large scale Linseed Oil producers use solvent extraction or heat extraction, exposing the seed to heat and solvents, which damages the properties of the oil. Some also refine, deodorise and bleach the oil, which produces a colourless, bland and odourless oil. This is typically known as boiled Linseed Oil.


    Can Raw Linseed Oil be used on Decks?

    Yes! Linseed Oil is great for helping to maintain woods natural moisture and prevent cracks.

    Raw Linseed Oil also waterproofs and protects wood from the elements while leaving a stunning natural finish.


    Is Flax Seed Oil the same as Linseed Oil?
    No. Whilst the oil comes from the same plant, the grades of seeds used, and the extraction techniques are completely different. Globally, linseed oil is the term used for industrial grade oil used for staining wood for example. For food grade oil, the term used is flax seed oil. Therefore you will only ever find flax seed oil in health stores for human consumption.


    Can Raw Linseed Oil be used on wooded food preparation boards?
    Yes! Raw Linseed Oil is safe to use on wooden bowls, wooden utensils, chopping blocks, and other wooden food items.


    Is cold pressed Raw Linseed Oil safe for plants & Animals?
    Yes! Cold Pressed Raw Linseed Oil is 100% natural so there is no risk to plants and animals.


    How do I Store raw Linseed Oil?

    Store Raw Linseed Oil in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep the container sealed and upright.

    Keep the oil away from other combustibles.


    To access the manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet, click on this link: