Teff & a Low FODMAP Diet go together like Tacos & Tuesdays! 

Is there anything Teff can’t do? Honestly, the answer is no.

Teff can do pretty much ANYTHING as it is the most versatile and nutritious seed in the world! And now we find out it is one of the best Low FODMAP seeds.

A few amazing facts about why Teff is the perfect Low FODMAP seed..


Vegan & Vegetarian

Sugar, Dairy, Nut & Gluten Free

High in protein (including essential amino acids) – important for strong muscles, promoting satiety and immunity.

Low GI & Fibre – helps with blood sugar regulation.

High in Iron – helps with healthy blood and brain development, as well as immune function.

High in Calcium – important for strong bones and teeth.

Great source of resistant starch – important for maintaining intestinal health (crucial for IBS sufferers).