Cocavo operates under strict Food Safety Culture where procedures and protocols are adhered to that ensure the products we are producing are safe for human consumption. 

To comply with the Food Act 2014 we are required by the Government to operate under the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) National Programme 3.

Additionally, we also operate a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system which basically takes a proactive view of Food Safety to identify potential hazards in our supply & manufacturing chain that may impact on the safety of the products we manufacture.


For more information about HACCP, click this link to the MPI website.  

The principles of HACCP, as defined by the Codex recommended international code of practice are:

  1. Conduct a hazard analysis.
  2. Determine the critical control points (CCPs).
  3. Establish critical limits for each CCP.
  4. Establish a system to monitor the control of the CCP.
  5. Establish the corrective action when monitoring indicates that a particular CCP is not under control.
  6. Establish verification procedures.
  7. Establish documentation concerning all procedures and records relevant to the HACCP principles and their application.



Food safety culture in a food business is how everyone (owners, managers, employees) thinks and acts in their daily job to make sure the food they make or serve is safe. It’s about having pride in producing safe food every time, recognising that a good quality product must be safe to eat. Food safety must be & is always our top priority.

A strong food safety culture comes from people understanding the importance of making safe food and committing to doing whatever it takes, every time. It starts at the top but needs everyone’s support across the business.


Why it’s important

A good food safety culture can protect:

  • consumers from foodborne illness

  • COCAVO’s brand reputation

  • our business from financial loss


Cocavo prides itself on being a Finalist in the 2017 NZ Food Awards, Food Safety Culture. To this day, we continue to strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of Food Safety throughout our supply chain and operations.