Cocavo Pepper Salt Fusion combines the saltiness of NZ Sea Salt with the classic pungent flavours of Black Pepper. We do this by adding natural Black Pepper Oil to NZ Sea Salt and leave these 2 classics to infuse for about a week. This fusion creates a unique “salt & pepper” salt in a single product.

Our Black Pepper Fusion Salt comes in a high quality grinder with an adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism for long life. 


Our Black Pepper Fusion Salt can be used anywhere you would normally use salt & pepper. Designed more as a finishing salt, Black Pepper Fusion Salt is very unique to Cocavo and only available from the Cocavo website shop.

Black Pepper has been around for centuries. Once traded as currency, Black Pepper can be found in just about every kitchen, cafe, restaurant & home across the globe.

The natural Black Pepper Oil we use in our Black Pepper Fusion Salt is extracted directly from whole black peppercorns in a process that retains all of the pungency & flavanoids of the peppercorns.