This Fried Plantain recipe was sent in to us by a lady who loves cooking in Cocavo Oils. If you have not heard of Plantain or have wondered what those large looking green bananas are in the supermarket are then read on.


Plantains are members of the banana family, but they are starchier and lower in sugar, which means that when they are ripe, they will still be green in color. If you get them when they are overripe, they may have started to turn yellow or black. While a banana makes a great, raw on-the-go-snack, plantains aren’t usually eaten raw because of the high starch content.

This is a delicious recipe for cooking an unusual fruit – PLANTAIN


      • 1 whole Plantain (or as many as you like depending on how many fries you want to make)
      • A bowl containing Cold Water and chopped Fresh Garlic like in the photo.
      • Cocavo Light Oil or Coconut Oil (perfect with any of our oils including Sizzle & Drizzle Oil)
      • Cocavo BOT MUOI OT SALT
      1. You will need a plantain which is not fully ripened. Check the images at the top of this post. This is what you are looking for (mainly green with only a little yellow with black marks all over) 
      2. Note: They are a little difficult to peel they are very firm & cling tightly to their skins.
        Top & bottom the plantain & be careful not to waste much flesh while peeling with a sharp knife.
        Slice up the plantain into rings about a little finger in thickness thickness (5 – 8mm)
      3. Fry gently in Cocavo of your choice or coconut oil, remove from oil after a few minutes each side.
      4. This is where the magic happens – Dip into cold water that has been salted & has chopped garlic mixed through it & leave for a minute or so to cool.
      5. After soaking, put the plantain between a folded piece of baking paper & gently press until flattened out, then return to hot Cocavo Oil or Coconut oil & fry till golden in small batches. 
        You will love the result – The fried plantain tastes a bit like the best crispiest roast potatoes you ever had.👌
      6. Try with sour cream, a bean dip or as a side with a curry sauce.
      7. And as a real flavour treat, Grind some of our amazing Bot Muoi Ot Vietnamese Salt onto the fries – YUM