A unique blend of Pure Olive Oil & Kaffir Lime Oil, Cocavo Kaffir Lime Oil delivers the wonderful citrus flavours of the famous Keffir Lime. This oil will enhance any dish where a classic taste of SE Asia is desired.

Poised to become a firm favourite amongst the Kaffir Lime lovers out there – you will not be disappointed in this oil as it delivers a Kaffir Lime taste sensation.

Use our Keffir  Lime Oil to enhance your fish & chicken dishes, drizzle over salads, or add a hint of Asian inspired Keffir Citrus to mayonnaises & dips.


  • Unique Dual-Purpose cooking oil (High Heat Cooking & Salad Oil)
  • Lovely colour
  • Delivers a punchy Kaffir Lime flavour & aroma
  • Packed with Healthy Fats
  • High Smoke point suitable for high heat cooking
  • Amazing Salad Oil for drizzling or making dips, spreads & mayonnaises
  • Vegan & Keto friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Convenient 250ml recyclable glass bottles
  • Competitively priced to be within reach of all budgets

Cocavo Kaffir Lime Oil is currently only available on the Cocavo website shop or from our factory shop in Whangarei, so if you want to try this amazing oil and start adding health to your meals, jump online or pay us a visit and grab a bottle – you will not be disappointed, believe me.

Keto & Vegan Friendly, Cocavo Kaffir Lime Oil will quickly become a household favourite.

Naturally Gluten Free and Dairy Free, start adding health to your meals with Cocavo Kaffir Lime Oil 😊

Did you know the Essential oils from Kaffir lime leaves can also kill Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria we see in acne. Together with the anti-inflammatory effects, these oils may help reduce the formation of acne and subsequent development of scars and blemishes.

The terpenes in Kaffir lime oil, such as citronellal and limonene, have antioxidant qualities. Antioxidants are all the rage in skin care products today. They help you reverse the effects of aging on your skin and maintain a healthy glow.

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