Jackie Ziegler is a mum, blogger & soap maker. For more inspiration around soap making, check out her website HERE

Recently, Jackie used Cocavo Chilli & Lime Oil to make this fantastic soap.

In Jackie’s words – Sweet Orange Chilli Soap is a different take on the very popular Orange Soap. It’s an orange soap with a kick, although the kick is just in the name. No chilli kicks in using the soap! I promise! When I saw the Sweet Orange & Chilli fragrance at Zen Aroma, I knew it would be the perfect combo with Cocavo’s Chilli and Lime oil. But I wasn’t sure if it was going to work (chilli and soap hmm). So I had to test it out first. And I can assure you it’s all good. The soap smells delicious with the Sweet Orange & Chilli fragrance.

The recipe for this amazing soap is on Jackie’s website – CLICK THE LINK HERE 

Cocavo currently has some of our Chilli & Lime Oil on special as it has exceeded it’s Best Before date.

To check it out – click HERE